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Coach Ricardo


I'm a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach under the National Academy of Sports Medicine

TRX Black Ranked Certified Coach

Precision Nutrition L1 Coach 

My mission is to help create change in my clients with a balanced nutrition and fitness plans focused on self-development habit programs that will help them live a long and healthy life with their loved ones.


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I specialize in helping women 25 to 45 y/o frustrated with their weight and relationship with food and exercise by creating healthier habits that are sustainable for long term success.

Most of my clients are busy moms with full time jobs and families, I coach them online with programs that can adjust to their busy schedules.

TRX & Functional Training

Group training is a fun way to get in shape and compliments well with any weight loss programs I offer, we do functional movements and exercises that will help you move and feel great. the TRX system utilizes your own body weight against gravity to create resistance, It engages your core all the time. You will build functional strength, flexibility, balance and core stability at once.

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I offer a wide range of programs and prices depending on your needs. Packages go from 4 to 12 months, Online Coaching ranging from

$125 to $495 p/month.

In-Person Coaching from

$640 to $2960 p/month.

Home visits available.

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I help retired men and women with age and/or medical related restriction get strong so they can move better, feel better and improve their quality of life.

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TRX Classes

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

at 9:30am

Go to THE BAR to sign up


Functional Circuit Training

Mondays and Thursdays



Call Kahle CC at 775-586-7271 for info




"If you are looking for a personal trainer who wants you to feel better and get healthier, Ricardo is your man. He works with you with where you are at to get where you want to be. I can't recommend him enough for brand new beginners (to working out) and also for avid gym junkies"

Melissa W.

"Ricardo has a depth of personality and this is apparent when he works with clients to improve their health - physically and mentally. He's bi-lingual which also adds to his multi-layered personality and approach to physical fitness. He obviously has a lot of experience with personal training"

Karla H.

"No more lower back pain, enjoying my bike rides and my power yoga classes much more. So glad to have Ricardo as a Personal Trainer".

Linda D.

"This is an awesome core workout! Totally helping me get back in shape"

Theresa BP.

"I love working out with Ricardo! He knows how to challenge you"

Julie G.

"I love the TRX equipment and working with Ricky. He is very knowledgeable and empowering. I'm getting stronger day by day and having fun in the process!"

Meryl L.


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South Lake Tahoe, California

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